Four Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip


It’s Game Day time! My Hubby and his Red Zone are in full swing!!! I have learned to love Football and find it very exciting to watch the real season begin. Here is a dip I love to make that is different than the one most people make. It’s always the first dip to go and even the buffalo dip haters love this one! 

Four Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip
1 rotisserie chicken
1 cup chicken stock
3 Tbs butter
3 Tbs flour
1 1/2 cups whole milk
1/2 lb sliced American cheese
1/2 lb finely grated sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 lb blue cheese
1 cup whipped cream cheese
1/2 cup buffalo sauce
1 tsp celery salt & pepper to taste

Clean the chicken off the rotisserie chicken. Place in a small sauce pan with 2 cups of chicken stock (I made my own from the rest of the rotisserie, but any stock will do). Allow the chicken and broth to simmer for 20 minutes. Take two forks and shred the chicken with them while continuing to cook. In a separate pot, start with a bechamel by melting the butter, adding the flour, cool for one minute then add and milk.

Let the milk start to warm up then add the American cheese first and wait until it melts. Next add the finely grated cheddar cheese making sure the milk is not too hot or the cheddar will break. Now crumple the blue cheese into the sauce and allow it to melt. Finally add the cream cheese and go through the same process. Add the hot sauce, chicken and some of the remaining broth to the cheese sauce and mix will. Place in a small crock or serving dish and serve with your chip of choice. The combinations of different cheeses add a decided complexity to this dip. Delicious!


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7 thoughts on “Four Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip

  1. Such a good finger food to make for the football games. I make it all the time! I’ve never added chicken stock though, I am interested to try I can only image how much better it makes it!


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