‘The Wedgie’ Revisited

In my early college years at IUP, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, there was this little pizza shop called Romeo’s within walking distance of campus that we loved to frequent. The most popular item on the menu and something I had never heard of before was…’The Wedgie’. It was a pizza and a hoagie combined. I shared a Wedgie recipe back in 2015 but for today’s post I decided to make it with the new store bought Cauliflower Crust Pizzas that are in the frozen section at my local grocery store. It was much healthier and very delicious!!!

‘The Wedgie’
One medium Cauliflower Crust Pizza
1/4 lb Black Forest Deli Ham
4 thick slices Muenster cheese
1 cup chopped lettuce
2 Tbs Italian Dressing
1/2 onion, sliced thin

Heat oven to 425° F. Remove pizza from box and overwrap. Cook pizza on a baking pan. Cook for 13-15 minutes or until crust is crispy and cheese is golden-brown; remove from oven. Reduce oven heat to 375°. Cut pizza in half and place back on baking sheet. Place two slices of muenster on each side of the pizza and cook until cheese begins to melt and pizza is heated through. Put pizzas halves on a cutting board, place deli ham on one side and lettuce, dressing and onion on the other half. Top one pizza half on top of the other pizza half. Slice like a sandwich and serve.



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One thought on “‘The Wedgie’ Revisited

  1. I’ve actually never heard of these before, but they look right up my alley!! I love all the filling suggestions and have a feeling I could eat WAY too many of these!!


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