Salmon Cobb Salad

Salmon Cobb Salad 1
A while back Linda made an excellent Cobb Salad with a twist of her own. Today I made one with my twist … Salmon and my lemon vinaigrette. Whenever my Hubby cooks for me it’s always salmon, so I used the leftovers, and instead of hard boiled eggs, I made them soft. Just delicious!

Salmon Cobb Salad
1 lb cooked salmon (Hubby Style)
4 slices of cooked bacon
2 tomatoes
1 avocado
4 soft boiled eggs
1 cup crumbled Gorgonzola
1 head iceberg lettuce shredded

Lemon Vinaigrette
1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 tsp lemon zest
2 Anchovies (do not omit…trust me!)
1 1/2 tsp celery salt
2 tsp pepper
3 Tbs minced shallots
3/4 cup olive oil

For the soft boiled egg, boil about 3 inches of water in a small pot. When the water comes to a boil, add the eggs for exactly 7 minutes to make them just over running yokes. (if you want runny yokes cook them for just under 6 minutes. Place them directly in an ice bath to stop the cooking and cool them.

Assemble the salad. Add all the vinaigrette ingredients to a blender except the shallots. Blend them for about 30 seconds. Add the shallots and stir in with a fork. Drizzle on the salad lightly, right before serving. Do not over-dress, you can always add, but you can not take away. So Good!!!



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