Chicken Snacker Hack

Chicken Snacker Hack
My youngest son LOVES chicken snackers…but fast food is not a thing I am into. So when he comes home from school I serve him up this little snack. He said they taste just like the ones at KFC, but I know I’m giving him a slightly healthier version and it saves on the wallet too! These little sliders are easy and great for game day…

Chicken Snacker Hack
3 little dinner rolls
3 to 5 breaded tenders/healthy choice baked according to directions
2 Tbs Asian Mayonnaise (Kewpi)
1 large pickle sliced thin
1 tsp pepper
1/2 cup shredded iceberg lettuce

Assemble the sandwiches with the mayonnaise, pepper and pickles. Add the cooked chicken and there you go!


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