Chicken Snacker Hack

Chicken Snacker Hack
My youngest son LOVES chicken snackers…but fast food is not a thing I am into. So when he comes home from school I serve him up this little snack. He said they taste just like the ones at KFC, but I know I’m giving him a slightly healthier version and it saves on the wallet too! These little sliders are easy and great for game day… Continue reading

Asian Infused Pork Tenderloin

Asian Infused Pork Tenderloin.jpg

I love pork tenderloin. It’s easy to cook, lean for your waist and tender when cooked the perfect medium. With time to marinade it can take on tons of flavor. Today we had Asian infused pork tenderloin with white rice and a simple salad. January is the month after all to begin to shed those unwanted Christmas pounds and this pork is sure to satisfy… Continue reading

Asian Turkey Burger and Red Onion-Iceberg Slaw

Asian Turkey Burger and Red Onion-Iceberg Slaw

Ground turkey is like a chameleon to me… I call it the carnivores ‘tofu’. What is nice about this healthy meat is the way you can make it taste like anything you want. Today I was in the mood for something Asian and I had turkey burgers on the menu… so with a quick scan of my on hand Asian ingredients I kept with the menu and filled my craving too. My hubby was pleasantly surprised with this moist and flavorful spin on this turkey burger… Continue reading