Chicken Snacker Hack

Chicken Snacker Hack
My youngest son LOVES chicken snackers…but fast food is not a thing I am into. So when he comes home from school I serve him up this little snack. He said they taste just like the ones at KFC, but I know I’m giving him a slightly healthier version and it saves on the wallet too! These little sliders are easy and great for game day… Continue reading

Pepperoni & Cheese Soft Pretzels

When I lived in Philadelphia I would go almost every day to a corner vendor for a Philly soft pretzel for lunch. I’m sure it wasn’t the best thing to do, but it certainly fit my college budget! I sometimes get the hankering for a good homemade soft pretzel. Today I made them a little different. I added pepperoni and cheese!!! Serve with some cheese dip and a little marinara and you have pizza in a pretzel. You can also make little bite size pieces which would be great for your upcoming Super Bowl Party!!  Continue reading

Super Bowl 50: Turkey Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites With Apricot Barbecue & Other Ideas

Turkey Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites With Apricot Barbecue

I love the Super Bowl and everybody knows it’s not just the most exciting game of the year, it’s the #1 junk food day of the year! Well it can taste like it’s bad for you and still be a healthy snack. These little bites of chicken wrapped in turkey bacon are just the ticket. I’ve paired them with an apricot jelly barbecue. These little gems are sure to please the big game eaters as well as the calorie conscious, (I used chicken thighs, but the breast meat would make it even lighter) … But just to give you more ideas to go with, Linda and I added some other great appetizer ideas with links at the bottom of the page.

Check them out!     Continue reading