Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta Salad

During my recent Ride the Farm biking adventure I picked up a slew of goodies! Today’s recipe includes the fresh green beans I bought…combined with some tortellini, grape tomatoes, diced prosciutto and mozzarella balls then soaked in a Honey Dijon Vinaigrette…they make a perfect summertime pasta salad. Hearty enough for a stand-alone meal but also light enough to bring as a side dish to a barbecue!

Summer Pasta Salad
1 lb tortellini
1 lb fresh green beans
4 oz diced prosciutto
8 oz grape tomatoes
1/2 cup mozzarella balls
Honey Dijon Vinaigrette (recipe below)

Rinse the green beans and cut off the ends. Prepare tortellini as package directs. Bring a saucepot of salted water to a boil. Add the green beans, bring back to a boil and blanch 3-5 minutes (depending on your preference for crispness). Drain and immediately plunge beans into a bowl of iced water; drain.

Place cooked tortellini in a large bowl. Rinse tomatoes and pat dry; place in the bowl with the tortellini.  Place diced prosciutto in a small skillet and heat 1-2 minutes; add to bowl. Place green beans in the bowl.

Make the Honey Dijon Vinaigrette: In a small jar, combine 2 teaspoons Dijon, 2 teaspoons honey, 2 teaspoons Balsamic Vinegar, 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, two pinches of salt and a dash of fresh ground pepper. Put on the lid and shake vigorously. Pour onto Summer Pasta Salad. (I’ll make a second batch of this vinaigrette and pour a little on when I eat this the next day). Toss gently – add the mozzarella balls and toss gently again. Serve immediately or refrigerate and serve cold. It’s delicious both ways!
Summer Pasta Salad


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    It’s Summer! This is the time of year I tend to eat more salads simply because my body isn’t interested in too much ‘heavy’ food. Plus, it’s just too darn hot for a whole lot of cooking, I can’t function too well when it’s hot. Here’s a lovely salad I just stumbled upon. Will have to give it a try soon. Enjoy!

    July 30 2016

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