Cocktail Corner: Mini Blue Bearable

Mini Blue Bearable
Thank you so much Nicole Oliver from Sinner or Saint Speakeasy (visit on Facebook) for finding a way to drink the gift of Pennsyltucky Moon Shine Corn Whiskey that my excellent Husband received as a gift. The word Moon Shine was a definite in this one. WOW! Professional Mixologist, Nicole spent over an hour in our kitchen concocting cocktails that would make this moon shine drinkable. Excellent job!!! She named the drink Mini Blue Bearable!!! I will definitely make this drink again (substituting the whiskey with vodka)! Thanks again Nicole… Please visit Sinner or Saint’s Facebook page.

Mini Blue Bearable
2 oz Pennsyltucky Moon Shine Corn Whiskey
2 oz Mint Magic Tea (double bag)
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 tsp clove honey
1 Tbs Blueberry Jam
1 tsp triple sec
3 oz lime seltzer or club soda
2 Tbs maraschino juice

Mix all the ingredients in a drink mixer with some ice and shake. Double strain and pour into desired cups. Delicious and definitely bearable!Mini Blue Bearable & Sundried Tomato Parmasian Cheese Spread


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