Lasagna Soup

I made my Decadent Lasagna With Bolognese for Christmas Dinner this year along with a whole ham. There was about a half a sheet left because I always make too much. Oh well! That’s when I decided to turn it into Lasagna Soup. It was even better in a soup. So if you’re like me and you make too much lasagna, consider turning it into a soup for the next day’s lunch.

Lasagna Soup
Leftover cold lasagna cut into half inch squares, (about 3 cups cut up)
3 (+) cups good chicken stock
1 onion diced small
1 Tbs olive oil

Heat the oil in a soup pot and add the onions. Cook on medium until tender. Add the stock and then the cut squares of lasagna. Heat through and serve with some crusty bread! Delicious!



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6 thoughts on “Lasagna Soup

  1. Very clever idea with leftovers Heidi! I can imagine this was so good the next day. I too made lasagna for Christmas dinner but there were no leftovers!


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