Cooking with Nunzio: Potato Gnocchi alla Bolognese

Potato Gnocchi alla Bolognese

Yesterday’s post was Cooking with Nunzio – Collingswood Farmer’s Market; in which we shared the bounty of Jersey Fresh produce along with Chef Nunzio’s Cooking Class at Nunzio’s Restaurant in Collingswood, NJ. Today we’re sharing Chef Nunzio’s first of three Famous Gnocchi of Italy! On today’s menu: Potato Gnocchi alla Bolognese. These gnocchi are light and fluffy topped with a Classic Bolognese Sauce that can only come from Italy!

Chef Nunzio Continue reading

Decadent Lasagna With Bolognese & Bechamel Sauce

Decadent Lasagna With Bolognese & Bechamel Sauce

This Lasagna is out of this world as Linda and her boys can attest to. My hubby says it’s the best Lasagna he’s ever had and I for one love to eat it. It’s not the easiest lasagna to make but it is the best I’ve ever made. I always make it after I’ve made a traditional Bolognese. This is the perfect dish for a cold Sunday afternoon when you just feel like cooking… Continue reading

Cappellini With A Traditional Bolognese Sauce

Cappellini With A Traditional Bolognese Sauce

Monday dinner was an Italian meatless spaghetti squash dish which was excellent. However, that put my hubby and I in the mood for a serious Italian meat dish. (Lightbulb)… A traditional Bolognese sauce. I only make this dish a few times a year because it is so rich. In the throws of winter I make it with a creamy Polenta because it just screams comfort, but in the summer I make it with a light and simple Cappellini.  You need to start early with this sauce because it takes up to three hours to prepare. It is a great dish for Sundays but it is not Sunday and I want it all the same… Continue reading