Cocktail Corner: Frosty Limoncello Champagne

Frosty Limoncello Champagne
Born out of my love for lemons and Champagne, this cocktail is the gift that keeps giving…so lemony good and refreshing! I just love making these around the pool with my friends. While the Italian ice keeps the cocktail cold it also allows you to continue adding champagne with continued lemony goodness!

Frosty Limoncello Champagne
1 Lemon Italian Ice (single serving size)
1/4 cup Limoncello Liqueur
Dry Champagne (you don’t want to use a sweet champagne)

Place the contents of a single serving of Italian ice in a large glass. Add the limoncello and top with champagne… as the Italian ice melts, continue adding more champagne. Delicious!!!!
Frosty Limoncello Champagne 1



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