Blackened Filet Mignon Burgers

Blackened Filet Mignon Burgers
Most of the time when I want a good filet mignon, I buy the whole loin and trim it up. When I do that I always make filet mignon burgers. We really love them because they are just so moist and juicy. Today I made them with a blackened seasoning for extra depth and flavor! The pairing with the Swiss cheese just took them over the top! I made them thin and doubled them up for extra seasoning surface!!!

Blackened Filet Mignon Burgers
1 lb filet mignon tips
1 smoked paprika
1 salt
1 cayenne pepper
1 cumin
1 thyme
1 white pepper
1 onion powder
1/2 garlic powder
4 slices Swiss cheese
4 slices rosemary bread

In a meat grinder, grind the filet tips. Make sure to grind some of the fat with it, but not the sinew. Form the meat into 4-4oz patties. Combine the seasoning  and liberally season both sides of the patties.

Heat a cast iron skillet good and hot. Add the patties and cook for 2 minutes on one side. Flip the burgers, add the cheese and cover cooking for an additional 3 minutes. Time to burger up… Place two burgers on top of a toasted piece of bread or bun. Top with your favorite toppings and eat! Delicious!!!
Blackened Filet Mignon Burgers 2


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