Beer Cheddar Cheese

So Delicious, So Good, So Addictive!!! Served with a good IPA and a perfectly warmed crusty roll you almost think you died and went to heaven. Great for football games in front of the big screen or tailgating with fellow fans…This cheese spread is sure to please. I made it for my Hubby and I while we snuggled in and watched our favorite team. Oh, I also had it on the charcuterie board at my daughters wedding… Continue reading

Stuffed Pepper Pizza

Stuffed Pepper Pizza 1
My Hubby came home early yesterday for a long lunch. So while he was taking a dip in the pool I decided to serve him a little lunch poolside. For an easy go to pizza I like to use Naan bread so I always keep some in the freezer. Also the garden has begun to produce some nice green peppers so I just thought… Stuffed Pepper Pizza. Super quick and easy and we were both enjoying lunch poolside!  Continue reading

1-2-3-4 1/2 Mac & Cheese

Simple Mac & Cheese 2
I was swapping recipes at a picnic about 15 years ago with a stay at home dad. I’m not one for remembering things if I don’t write them down, but this was one I could remember… 1-2-3-4… Lol! Over the years I’ve changed cheeses to find the perfect creamy combo and I’ve added an extra 1/2 cup of milk for the same reason. I have been known to add herbs, spinach, ham, bacon, chicken, corn and tomatoes … whatever I want to make it a meal. Served here as a side, it is everyone’s favorite.  Continue reading