Deep Dish Sicilian Pizza

Deep Dish Sicilian Pizza

Pizza, pizza, pizza!!! I love pizza! When I was a kid I always went for a slice of the thick dough Sicilian square. I haven’t had Sicilian pizza in years. So when I found out my Hubby loved thick pizza too I was off and running to make us one of my childhood favorites…

Deep Dish Sicilian Pizza
Store bought pizza or bread dough
1/2 lb sliced provolone cheese
1 log whole mild Mozzarella cheese (pre-sliced if you can find it)
1 cup marinara or pizza sauce (homemade is best if you have it)
Whatever other toppings you like
I used cooked sweet sausage, pepperoni, red onion & mushrooms

Thaw the dough overnight in the refrigerator. Don’t let it rise too much for a thick crust. If you want a thin crust, let it rise completely. Form and stretch it to fill a cast iron skillet and heat oven to 475 °F. Par-cook the dough for about 8 to 10 minutes. Remove from oven and cover with sauce, cheese, toppings and mozzarella on top. Cook for additional 20 minutes and eat! So delicious!



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18 thoughts on “Deep Dish Sicilian Pizza

  1. I have had pizza everyday this weekend (Friday-Sunday… seriously, I’m not kidding) After yesterday, I told myself I didn’t want to see pizza again for a long time… Yet you made my mouth water at the sight of this ‘za!!


  2. I’ve never tried Sicilian pizza before. This looks so good though! How did you find out your hubby liked thick pizza too? I feel like pizza preferences is something you should find out before you get married 😀

    This post would make a great submission to Our Growing Edge, which is a link up party for new food adventures. This month’s theme is “Nostalgia”. More info here:


    1. He and I were just talking about things we did as kids. I used to go to the mall with friends, get a slice of Sicilian pizza, play Pac Man and to the movies… Grease for a while… saw it 22 times. The 80’s were great!

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