Grilled Tomato Caprese Salad

A Caprese Salad is one of my favorites…and if you’ve never tried grilling the tomatoes before layering them into the salad then it’s time you did…the grilling brings out the sweetness of the tomatoes…truly delicious! Heidi will be sharing another version of Caprese Salad on Thursday…it’s amazing how different a small change can make! Continue reading

Pepperoni & Ham Pizza

Pepperoni & Ham Pizza

Years ago my parents gave us a Bread Maker machine for Christmas. I can tell you that this is one great gift and it has gotten a lot of use! We’ve made all kinds of breads, specialty breads, pretzels & cinnamon rolls…but by far, everyone’s favorite and the most-often thing to come out of our Bread Maker machine is pizza dough! In just 120 minutes we’ve got two ready-to-go pizza dough…thick or thin, your choice…toppings, your choice. But always a winner! I’ll be sharing a meatless pizza on Friday – so stay tuned! Continue reading