Garlic, Onion Cake

This is a real show stopper… It may not look like it, but it is so good. And please don’t eliminate the anchovies, you can not taste them and they are essential for this dish. Once a month I get together with my friends for Wine Wednesday and when my friends ate this it was all over… This cake was gone! I wish I had made two, but 6 lbs of onion? Yikes…

Garlic Onion Cake
3 Lbs bag sweet onions
1 head garlic
2 anchovies
½ cup white wine
3 Tbs reduced balsamic vinegar
1 Tbs fresh oregano
½ cup Pecorino cheese
8 flour tortillas
¼ cup mayonnaise

Slice three pounds of onions and sauté with butter until onions are tender. About 10 minutes on medium low. Clean and chop entire head of garlic and add along with anchovies chopped. Cook an additional 5 to 7 minutes. Make sure onions are cooked until translucent and tender. Add wine, 2 Tbs of reduced balsamic vinegar and chopped oregano. Remove onion mixture from heat and cool for several hours. Once cooled, remove 1/2 cup of onion mixture and set aside. With remaining mixture, layer tortilla with a 1/7th of the onion mixture and a healthy pinch of Pecorino, add another tortilla and repeat using the final tortilla on top. Wrap tortilla stack in plastic wrap and refrigerate for no less than 6 hours. Take reserved onion mixture and puree with mayonnaise and  1 Tbs of reduced balsamic vinegar, set aside. Cut onion cake into wedges and grill until heated and charred. Serve with onion puree. Wow is this a show stopper…



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