Cocktail Corner: The Happy Heidi

the happy heidi 5
I love a good cocktail whether it is sweet and fruity or as tart as a classic martini. Today however I was in the mood for sweet. I foraged in my freezer and found  a  frozen strawberry concentrate. It’s nice when you can use things on hand to make a delicious drink! My honey called this one a ‘fruity girly drink‘! It was fruity and sparkling too. I called this drink ‘The Happy Heidi’! Since I recently visited Seneca Lake with my sisters I had several bottles from one of my favorite wineries, J. R. Dill. He makes an excellent sparkling white wine. Just the right amount of dry to sweet ratio. Excellent! I make the trip sometimes just to buy this sparkling delight…

The Happy Heidi
1 cup Sparkling white wine (not too sweet)
1/4 cup Triple Sec
1/2 cup lime seltzer
1/4 cup strawberry concentrate
1 orange sliced

First thaw the frozen strawberry concentrate and strained it through a fine mesh strainer. This creates a strawberry simple syrup. Pour the sparkling wine into large white wine glass, then add the Triple Sec.

Next add  the lime seltzer. Now, using the back of a spoon, pour the strawberry syrup over the spoon near the edge of the glass so that the syrup sinks to the bottom of the glass. Run an orange slice along the rim of the glass and place on rim for garnish. Now take a sip and you will be as happy as Heidi!


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