Happy First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring but here in NJ it’s a snowy day. I think we were all hoping for an early spring with sunshine and warmer weather leading the way! On this last (hopefully) snow-day, it’s a good day to make something warm and cozy for dinner. In our house Friday’s are easy days. If we’re not ordering pizza or going out for a quick bite we keep it simple. During lent we have a meatless meal or seafood dish. Although I make a weekly menu with every day a different meal, I love the flexibility of moving a dish to another week! This week’s menu included a pasta with bacon and lemony ricotta cheese which the kids and hubby loved. We also had Sloppy Joes one night on whole wheat rolls. I had planned to make a Fish & Chips dinner tonight but since my hubby wants to take me out who am I to complain! I’ll just make it tomorrow; followed on Sunday with Texan Sirloins, roasted potatoes & zucchini fritters! Yummy! I’m looking forward to sharing those recipes with you this weekend.

Heidi, what’s going on with you? It’s snowing in PA too! I keep looking at the cover on the pool and the once melted (now accumulating) snow in the garden and dream of grilling in the outdoors. So to bring Spring inside, I am roasting beets with fennel and onion to be served tonight on a bed of fresh greens, (I always incorporate the beet greens in the salad), vitamins, vitamins, vitamins! I will dress the salad with creamy goat cheese and a Tarragon vinaigrette.  But most importantly, because my Prince Charming is working so hard, I am making his favorite… sautéed chicken livers served with rosemary/garlic bread. Not everyone’s favorite, but we love them!!! Also this week in honor of our Irish roots we had a very rich Irish stew with superb creamy mashed potatoes and cauliflower. Homemade Ravioli made the menu this week and a split pea soup that I made so much of I was sharing it with my parents and friends. Their responses gave me great pleasure… I am still working on next week’s menu, and will be excited to share it with you on Sunday!

Have a great weekend and Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Linda & Heidi

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