Sweet Potato Fries With Swiss & Gruyère

Sweet Potato Fries

While we are all being ‘Alone Together’, I find I am really missing some of my favorite restaurants and foods they made. One of the things I miss is sweet potato fries. While I don’t fry at home, I decided to make them my healthy baked way. Coating the fries in egg whites gives them the crunchy outside without the fat. Then topping them with a lovely sauce of cheese didn’t make me feel so bad. They were really delicious! Continue reading

Ricotta Gnocchi in a Three Cheese Sauce

Ricotta Gnocchi

I love Gnocchi! I order it when we are out and I make it when we are home. Now that I am making my own ricotta, it was time to tackle Ricotta Gnocchi. My first attempt, I have to admit, was more like ricotta soup… but I did not quit and finally found the correct formula! If you decide to make it with store bought ricotta I suggest you strain it overnight in a fine mesh sieve or you will need more flour. It made enough for two batches, but holds well in the refrigerator. I served it in a cheese sauce with poached garlic on the side to take it over the top. Really delicious! Continue reading

Beef Curry

Beef Curry
This is similar to the first dinner I ever cooked. Being the last kid at home, (all my siblings, Linda included, had all gone off to college or gotten married). My mom, for about 2 years, had taken a moratorium from cooking and we ate out almost every night! One day after school when I was 16 I was watching MTV and flipping through some magazine of my mother’s, when I came across a recipe that caught my attention. Curry In A Hurry! I read it, walked into my mothers office and said, “I need 20 bucks”. “Why?”, she said. “I’m making dinner”. She handed me the money and I made dinner. It turned out good. I use filet now and not top round and I’ve added a few upgrades – but it’s still really good! Continue reading