Moroccan-Spiced Pork

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Mediterranean cuisine. They love mixing sweet with savory and by combining these flavors you get something really unique…on today’s menu is a pork dish inspired by the flavors of Morocco. Pork is not the usual meat in Morocco…lamb, beef, chicken and fish are very popular there but I’ve spiced up some pork instead! Come along with me to MoroccoContinue reading

Pork Scallopini with Roasted Lemons

Pork Scallopini is the simplest of meals…it’s an Italian meal of thinly sliced meats dredged in flour, sautéed and served with a lemon sauce…very easy yet very tasty! I’ve eased up on the flour by dusting instead of dredging and roasted the lemons until they are edible and flavorful. They add the perfect punch of flavor to this classic dish. Continue reading

Pork & Blackeyed Pea Chili

Pork & Blackeyed Pea Chili/Fabulous Fare Sisters

Pork & Blackeyed Pea Chili/Fabulous Fare Sisters

The cooling weather calls for warm chilis and soups…This week Heidi and I will be sharing a few of our favorite Fall recipes that keep us warm on these chilly days! On today’s menu is a chili made with pork and Italian sausage and blackeyed peas instead of kidney beans. By changing one or two items in a recipe you’re able to create something new and experiment with different flavor combinations. Keeping it simple…yet tasty! Continue reading