Classic Chili Con Carne

Classic Chili Con Carne

It’s supposed to snow tonight in the Northeast. Here in New Jersey it will be our first big storm of the year…in fact of the whole winter season. We have been lucky to only get a dusting so far. So in anticipation of being snowed in over the weekend I made a tasty pot of chili. I have been making this particular chili con carne for thirty years now. So to me it’s a classic! I have made all different types of chili over these many years, but always come back to this one. It’s just that good… Continue reading

Beef & Sausage Stuffed Green Peppers with a Bechamel and Tomato Sauce

Beef & Sausage Stuffed Green Peppers with a Bechamel and Tomato Sauce
The very best part of having a garden is when you start to have an abundance of vegetables. This morning my husband picked 6 beautiful green papers from our many pepper plants. I was so excited. The very first thing I make with our peppers every year is stuffed peppers. I love them! Like with my lasagna, I like to have a Bechamel sauce as the base. I have found this  adds considerably in countering the sometimes bitterness of green peppers while enhancing the richness of the tomato sauce on the pallet. I always make extra for leftovers. Also in abundance right now are our several squash plants. So you will see I stabilized the stuffed peppers with zucchini spears. I hope you get the chance to make this delicious and unforgettable dish… Continue reading

Latin Burgers

To be honest I made these burgers on Cinco de Mayo! I was going to post them as my Cinco de Mayo burgers but we ate them too late to post (and I already had a recipe in the queue)…so I saved the photos and decided to change the name to Latin Burgers. Both of my sons who live at home said they tasted like tacos! Everyone loved them…so here goes!   Continue reading