Tavern Ham & Avocado Panini

Tavern Ham & Avocado Panini

Instead of a plain old ham and cheese sandwich for lunch how about jazzing it up a little bit! For this splendid sandwich I’ve combined the classic ham and cheese with creamy avocado slices and the sharp bite of freshly sliced red onion…pressed between hearty ciabatta slices and slathered with a luscious peachy-vanilla mayo…then pressed to heavenly perfection…you’ll never go back to just ham & cheese again! Continue reading

Chicken Wings Three Ways

My son just loves chicken wings!!! As a typical teenager he is always hungry too! So today I made his favorite wings, my favorite wings and a new one for us to try. I always buy the Organic Free Range wings because I know where they are coming from. Once the cheapest part of the chicken it is now the most expensive part…go figure! Baked to perfection and not fried, these little bites are a real treat for game days or for an after school snack. Continue reading

Latin Roast Chicken

Latin Roast Chicken

I brought home one of those whole chickens from the supermarket and wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with. We love roasted chicken but sometimes the flavor is just blah…so I mixed up some great spices to marinate it and arranged it on some Rustic French Bread slices in a cast iron skillet…into the oven it went…and out came a mouth-watering flavorful Latin Roast Chicken…it can’t get any better than that! Continue reading

Perky ‘Paella’

Perky 'Paella'

Paella is a wonderful rice dish that originated in Valencia Spain. It is a flavorful combination of ingredients cooked in a ‘Paella pan’ which is a round shallow pan with side handles. There are actually many types of Paella including Valencian, vegetarian, seafood and mixed.  Today’s ‘Paella’ is a mixed, free-style version in which I used Spanish chorizo, boneless chicken thighs, large shrimp and a combination of jasmine rice and fine egg white noodles along with saffron and other spices. This is the perfect meal to cook as a couple…grab a bottle of your favorite wine…I recommend a Spanish Rioja…pour a glass and share the stove! Continue reading