Castilian Chicken

Castilian Chicken/Fabulous Fare Sisters

Castilian Chicken/Fabulous Fare Sisters

This is one of those chicken recipes that doesn’t ‘look’ good but tastes so yummy! It’s a rustic Spanish dish from the Castile and León regions where poultry stews and the addition of almond paste are very popular. Braised in white wine until the chicken is so tender it almost melts in your mouth and served over mashed potatoes or rice so that all the tasty broth is enjoyed… Continue reading

Easy & Elegant Potatoes In Wine

Easy & Elegant Potatoes In Wine
If you are anything like me, you entertain a lot!!! I am always looking for quick, delicious and easy ways to impress my guests and enjoy their company at the same time. These potatoes do just that. So full of flavor, elegant on the table and easy as the day is long. I love to make these at Christmas too since they can also be done in a larger quantity and in the oven… Continue reading

Chicken Caponata

Chicken Caponata
Our Tri Club recently had a Ride the Farm event that I was lucky enough to enjoy with my husband and some friends. During the 22 mile bike ride we visited a few farmer’s markets and were able to purchase some beautiful produce…isn’t summer grand? All those fresh fruits & veggies! Heidi is so lucky to have a garden full of all those goodies in her own backyard…and I’m lucky to live so close to these great markets: Sorbello Girls, Visalli’s & Haynicz’s. In today’s post I used some of that lovely produce (fresh yellow peppers, onions and eggplants) to make Caponata and served it along with grilled chicken for a tasty weeknight meal… Continue reading

Parmesan Chicken Cutlet With A White Wine & Mushrooms Sauce

I think I’m kind of into chicken cutlets right now. There are times in the year when my hubby has to work really late and I always wait to eat with him. I’ve found I can prepare the cutlets in advance. They cook up super fast and are light for late evening dining. It’s so important to me that he has a home cooked meal made with love when he comes home. I serve it with a simple salad and that’s all we need. Thank you Baby for all you do. I love you!   Continue reading

Homemade Wide Noodle Pasta With Roasted Tomatoes & Turkey Sausage

Homemade Wide Noodle Pasta With Roasted Tomatoes & Turkey Sausage

I love to make homemade pasta on cold windy days when you just want to stay indoors and hibernate. So when I get that inclination, I go to town creating the food I desire. If you want to make your own fresh pasta, use my earlier post Pasta Made With Love, I don’t usually buy tomatoes this time of year, but the Roma’s looked so roast-able I couldn’t resist. Add a little protein, some mushrooms and fresh basil in a white wine and butter sauce and you have my name all over it! My hubby loved it too!!!     Continue reading

Cranberry & Apricot Chutney

Cranberry & Apricot Chutney

This is a week that for a lot of people is a well thought out planned week. Only four days until Thanksgiving… if you count today! Well, I am counting today. I have 30 people coming for dinner so as you can imagine I have to be super organized in order to enjoy my guests and at the same time bring them the best dishes I can. There is a lot to be made, so I always allocate some dishes to the adult kids, nieces and nephews that are excited to be new at participating. When asked, what can I make or do?… I say, ‘can you make coleslaw and do you need a recipe?’ Or ‘how about an apple pie’… how about dinner rolls, ‘can you help set the table’. Any assistance is great on a day like Thanksgiving… Continue reading