Bangers & Mash

We have this cozy English Pub in Philadelphia that serves the best British fare in the area. It’s actually one of Heidi’s favorite restaurants! The Dandelion serves comfort food in a warm, charming setting. We recently met Heidi and her Hubby there to celebrate her Birthday. That evening it was a beautiful night and we sat outside; two weeks later we took my son to celebrate his 21st Birthday and sat inside, upstairs in a quiet comfortable cubby. Bangers and Mash is what I ordered both times. They’re so tasty I decided to give them a go at home. They turned out wonderful… Continue reading

Sweet Potato & Onion Quiche

I always serve quiche on Christmas morning. It is easy to prepare the egg mixtures the day before, then refrigerate until Christmas morning. When I wake up I put them in the crust and cook them until they are done. This year I wanted to add a new quiche to the standard spinach and bacon & cheese quiches I always make. So, I decided to try sweet potatoes…Wow, what a hit! Continue reading

Beef Stroganoff With Goat Cheese & Homemade Noodles

Beef Stroganoff With Goat Cheese & Homemade Noodles
I love a good hearty Stroganoff and I always equated it with my German Heritage only to find out it’s really of Russian origins.  Oh well… I make my Stroganoff with goat cheese and leave the sour cream on the table as an add in. The tang of the goat cheese gives this dish great flavor and depth. Great served with egg noodles…I made my own this time, but I also use store bought… Continue reading

Deconstructed Beef Wellington With Chanterelle Mushrooms

Deconstructed Beef Wellington With Chanterelle Mushrooms
My Hubby and I love to eat Filet Mignon and Beef Wellington is just a fantastic way to enjoy it. I deconstruct it sometimes so I can make smaller portions of this rich, delicious dish. My Hubby calls it a perfect 10 and I have to say I agree. The Chanterelle mushrooms are in season and oh, so good. They really take this dish over the top! Continue reading