Rosemary Shrimp Skewers With Romesco Sauce

Rosemary Skewers With Romesco Sauce
Who doesn’t love brunch, and not just for the Mimosas and a yummy Bloody Mary! When I had a Brunch recently I wanted to serve the shrimp a little different than the usual cocktail; a way that would still impress, could be made in advance, be without much effort and still taste delicious. I remembered a shrimp dish I made a long time ago using rosemary stalks as the skewers. My garden still has lots of rosemary. I also had just made a big batch of roasted red peppers… Presto, the dish came together!!! Don’t you love when that happens? Continue reading

Poulet Poêlon

Poulet Poêlon
Poulet Poêlon means Chicken Casserole in French. This recipe is a simple ragoût prepared with chicken thighs & potatoes simmered in a rosemary-thyme & wine flavored broth and topped with crispy bacon. It’s a hearty meal – great for any weekday! And it’s one pot ease… Continue reading

Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb & Potatoes

Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb

As I was pondering what I would write today, remembering that it is Holy Thursday, my thoughts strayed to the fact that today marks the end of Lent and the beginning of the sacred “Triduum”, the three holiest days of the Christian faith. I thought of Jesus and his sacrifice for us as the sacrificial lamb and so for today’s post I made a Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb in honor of Him. I roasted potatoes along with the Lamb and it turned out beautiful… Continue reading

Roasted Rosemary & Smoked Paprika Nuts

If you’re like me, you have several Christmas Parties and Dinners to attend. Yes, a bottle of wine is always the go-to, but here is a little something to give the hostess with your wine. These nuts are so good I’m practicably addicted! The yield is a lot so I also make them in a gift bag for the girls in my hubby’s office with a little round of Brie and a 4 oz jar of my Cranberry & Apricot Chutney. They are always so busy I like to give them something to take to any parties they may have to attend. It’s like a gift for them to keep or share. I also make them a bottle of homemade Kahlua, but that’s for another day… Continue reading

Porterhouse Steak with Caramelized Onions & Rosemary

Porterhouse Steak with Caramelized Onions & Rosemary

Meatlovers beware! This recipe is to die for! I ordered this Porterhouse steak 21 days ago and asked my butcher to dry-age it until I came to pick it up…It was pricey but oh so worth it! What a beautiful steak. If you ever get a chance I really recommend asking your butcher for dry-aged cuts. Anything from 14-21 days is perfect. Searing all that flavor using intense heat and topping with caramelized onions…so don’t need to go to a steak house for this one… Continue reading

Catering Event: The Menu Completed

Save The Date Catering Event / Rosemary Chicken Satay
Save The Date Catering Event / Rosemary Chicken Satay

For this catering event, Linda and I thought about dishes that could be prepared ahead and cooked on site. Chicken Satay is always a good go to appetizer and a great protein dish that individuals can pluck onto their plates. Linda and I marinated the chicken in a rosemary marinade for 24 hours. By preparing the chicken a day in advance it allowed for time management and serious flavor impact… Continue reading