Bacon & Eggs on Honey-Ricotta Toast

Bacon & Eggs on Honey-Ricotta Toast

Everyone in my family loves bacon & egg sandwiches for breakfast. We might not have them everyday but we certainly have them often. For today’s sandwich I made it just a wee bit different. Toasting up a hearty slice of Italian round loaf bread and slathering it with a little bit of creamy ricotta, drizzling on some fresh sweet honey and topping it all with crisp thick bacon and a fried egg. I loved it! I’ll be making these again and again… Continue reading

Risotto ‘Amalfi’

Risotto 'Amalfi'

This Fall we will be visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy. During my searches for lodging and restaurants I researched the flavors of Amalfi to see what is common along the coast. Lemons are the most popular food item found in this region of Italy. Other flavors of Amalfi are anchovies and various seafood. Also, the Monti Lattari mountain region has many dairy farms that produce fresh ricotta and provolone cheeses. I can’t wait to explore this wonderful part of Italy. In the meantime I brought the flavors of Amalfi into my humble kitchen using fresh ingredients from the local supermarket! Come join me in my kitchen for a delicious risotto… Continue reading

Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Onion & Prosciutto-Ricotta Flatbread

Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Onion & Prosciutto-Ricotta Flatbread

Roasted Butternut Squash is one of my favorite things to eat. It’s chock full of fiber, vitamins A, E & C, potassium, manganese & magnesium. And it tastes delicious…what better fruit (yep, it’s a fruit!) to put in your body. On today’s menu is a Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Onion & Prosciutto-Ricotta Flatbread. It’s great for lunch or dinner…easy to make…easy to eat! Continue reading

Cooking with Nunzio: Gnocchi di Ricotta with Napoletan Tomato Sauce

Gnocchi di Ricotta

On Tuesday Chef Nunzio from Nunzio’s Restaurant in Collingswood, NJ joined us for Cooking with Nunzio. Chef Nunzio used fresh produce from the Collingswood Farmer’s Market – using many Jersey Fresh produce. It’s time for Chef Nunzio to share his second Famous Gnocchi of Italy! On today’s menu: Gnocchi di Ricotta with Napoletan Tomato Sauce…oh so creamy and tasty! Absolutely divine…

Chef Nunzio Continue reading

Lasagna Mac & Cheese

Lasagna Mac & CheeseMac & Cheese is a real treat and can be made so many different ways. It’s also a great way to use up leftovers. When I made the wonton ravioli I was left with too much ricotta cheese so I decided to turn it into mac & cheese. Placing them in individual sized dishes is a great way to portion control. I added a little love for my honey with a Parmesan cracker heart. Easy and quick to make.  Continue reading

Cheesy Manicotti

Cheesy Manicotti

With so many people coming for Thanksgiving dinner and arriving the night before, I wanted to make a dish a day in advance that could be popped in the oven for guests when they arrive from their long journeys. Manicotti is not as hard as some think when you do a few simple tips… Continue reading

Cannoli Cake

Cannoli Cake

What’s for dessert tonight? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good Cannoli! Delicious Italian pastry tubes filled with luscious ricotta filling…yummy! This delightful cake has all the lovely flavors of a Cannoli – layers filled with creamy ricotta and mini chocolate chips. It looks like a lot of steps but is actually quite easy…and definitely worth the extra time on the treadmill!     Continue reading