Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado…I’m sure a lot of people don’t even know what that is…so let me tell you…It’s pure deliciousness on a plate! A combination of Peruvian & Chinese. I usually order this yummy meal when we visit our local Ecuadorian restaurant El Sitio in Collingswood, NJ. But this time I wanted to try my hand at making it at home…end result – Fabulous! Continue reading

Swordfish & Pepper Kabobs

We recently purchased a small charcoal grill to test the difference between gas and charcoal. I’m really impressed with the flavor impact a charcoal grill makes on food…especially when using a hardwood charcoal such as Cowboy brand (can be found at Lowes). I also bought Weber’s New Real Grilling Cookbook – and have made a few of the recipes. They’ve turned out so well (even with a little tweaking) that I would highly recommend this cookbook for anyone who loves to grill! On today’s menu are Swordfish & Pepper Kabobs…these flavorful bites are marinated in a creamy Dijon concoction and skewered with hearty red and green peppers then grilled for a quick and very healthy meal… Continue reading

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja

Here’s another one of our favorite Latin dishes…Ropa Vieja…a Cuban dish meaning ‘old clothes’ that takes a flank steak and braises it in a rich tomato broth with vegetables until the flank steak is so tender that you can pull it apart with a fork. I typically serve this dish with Rice & Black Beans and Maduros on the side. Then the very next day we wrap up the leftover Ropa Vieja along with the Rice & Black Beans in large tortillas and have ourselves delicious burritos! Love those leftovers… Continue reading