Risotto ‘Amalfi’

Risotto 'Amalfi'

This Fall we will be visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy. During my searches for lodging and restaurants I researched the flavors of Amalfi to see what is common along the coast. Lemons are the most popular food item found in this region of Italy. Other flavors of Amalfi are anchovies and various seafood. Also, the Monti Lattari mountain region has many dairy farms that produce fresh ricotta and provolone cheeses. I can’t wait to explore this wonderful part of Italy. In the meantime I brought the flavors of Amalfi into my humble kitchen using fresh ingredients from the local supermarket! Come join me in my kitchen for a delicious risotto… Continue reading

Italian Chicken Burgers

Italian Chicken Burgers

By now you must know our love for burgers! This Italian Chicken Burger is on the lighter side…yea! All the flavors of a Chicken Parmesan in a burger..who wouldn’t like that!? Quick and easy Friday night burger that’s so tasteful you won’t need to go out! If you’re not in the mood to add the sauce then by all means pop some bbq sauce and bacon on your burger or layer on the BLT and your favorite condiments. Any way you dress ’em up, you’re gonna love ’em!    Continue reading

Don’t Throw Away That Sauce!

pizza4I never throw away the leftover sauces from my dishes. Even if I only have a little, they are like little flavor bombs to be used in all sorts of ways. Today’s lunch consisted of Naan bread topped with sauces from last week. I reserve them in little containers and freeze them to be recreated another day. No waste! When you put love into your food, throwing away a great sauce is like throwing away something you treasure. Just for this reason, you will see me finding creative ways to serve up that little morsel of goodness.

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