Scallop Ceviche: Revisited

I first shared this Ceviche recipe in 2016 – it’s about time we revisited it!

…Ceviche is one of my favorite ways to eat scallops, tuna, salmon… well just about any fish that can be made into a ceviche! The first time I had it was in a Cuban restaurant in Chicago. In Chicago for only a few days, I went back to eat it three times. After I got home I craved it, but no restaurant where I live served it, so I had to remember the flavor profile and learned to make it. Now I have it as often as I like…

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Yuca al Mojo

Yuca is a staple in many South American countries as well as Africa. I first had yuca in Panama when I lived there many years ago. Since then I’ve added it to soups, fried it and boiled it…this Yuca al Mojo is boiled then seasoned with a garlic sauce…it’s tender and oh so tasty! Continue reading

Salmon with Herb Gremolata

Salmon with Herb Gremolata

Today I’m sharing a tasty and healthy salmon dish. As mentioned in a previous post, Gremolata is an easy and healthy way to add tons of flavor to any dish. Gremolata is simply a combination of garlic and fresh herbs with lemon. I’ve substituted lime for the lemon in today’s recipe and fresh parsley, oregano and thyme are the herbs of choice. A squeeze of lime juice is the final ingredient to finish off this lovely salmon meal.  Continue reading

Mango-Lime Tres Leches Cake

Mango-Lime Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake is a favorite dessert in our house, as I have mentioned quite a few times. When my second son came home from Atlanta for a visit, I asked him what he wanted me to make for dessert. He asked for something with mango and lime. So that got me thinking, why not make our favorite dessert but flavor it with mango & lime? Here is what I came up with – and the best part was that when the time came to make it he decided to help! The results?Another winner!    Continue reading