Taco Tuesday: Shrimp Tacos with a Kick!… Revisited!

Who doesn’t love tacos. I like to eat them with pork, beef, chicken and seafood. But today I decided to go with shrimp. Shrimp is a good ingredient on active days because it cooks quickly with little effort… and today was just one of those days. I added a little kick by taking my inspiration from south of the border. To make my life easy on days like this, I always make up different rubs to be used as needed. When I make a rub, I make extra and store it in a mason jar for later use. So today I’ll be passing on one of my favorite spicy rubs. It can be used on whatever meat you choose. Nothing to it… Continue reading

En Papillote Salmon with Lemon, Tomatoes & Sparkling Wine

En Papillote simply means cooked and served in a paper wrapper. Foil and parchment paper are the best ways to accomplish this poaching technique. I prefer parchment because the end result is a little more dramatic. This is a great way to serve and impress company while keeping cleanup to a minimum. While the entire dish is cooking, you can be enjoying cocktails with your guests! You can make the pouches individually for each guest to receive their own little pouch, or make the entire dish in one large pouch to serve everyone. They can be assembled in advance and refrigerated while you get ready for your guests. When your guests arrive, just pop in the oven… Simple and divine! Continue reading

Butterfly Shrimp in Barbecue Butter

Butterfly Shrimp in a Barbecue Butter 1

I remember eating barbecue shrimp at Ruth’s Chris for the first time many ears ago. Now I make my own version that has just the right amount of sweet, salt and heat. My husband said this shrimp was a 10 out of 10. We had broccoli, lettuce and sugar snap peas straight from the garden. I like to butterfly the shrimp for this dish, somehow it just feels like ‘more’. I make this barbecue sauce and use it for chicken, pork and fish.    Continue reading

Crab Cake Sandwiches

Remember the crab meat from the Shrimp & Crab Meat Pasta? I bought a 1 lb can of lump crab meat from the seafood deli at my local supermarket. I used only a half of a cup for the pasta recipe…and since crab meat must be used up within a day once opened, I used the remaining crab meat for these flavorful sandwiches! I first had crab cakes at one of our favorite local restaurants, A’Pizze Tuscan Grill. The owner Memo was a great guy and made his with cream cheese. Unfortunately the restaurant closed. Although I don’t have his recipe, I decided that since I loved those crab cakes I would design my own using cream cheese. These ended up being so good that even the one son who is not a big fan of fish or seafood thought they were delicious! Topped with a tangy ranch relish and served on ciabatta rolls they are just so yummy!!   Continue reading

Shrimp & Crab Meat Pasta

I love being able to use leftovers to create something entirely different! The other day I made Penne with Pancetta & Brandy Tomato Cream Sauce. We had some leftover sauce so I used it to make a quick shrimp & crab meat pasta! It has now become Raf’s favorite pasta ever! His exact quote was “This is better than any seafood pasta I’ve had in any restaurant.” What a compliment…guess this one’s a keeper!!   Continue reading

Fish Stew

Today is a bit chilly and windy. On a day like this I like to serve my Honey a healthy and hearty stew. What could be better than a fish stew on a chilly spring afternoon. You can use any number of sea fare for this dish, but we are partial to sea scallops, They are sweet and tender.   Continue reading