Crab Over Tilapia

Crab Over Tilapia 1
I’m not a huge fan of flounder so I adapted the typical flounder stuffed with crab recipe to Crab over Tilapia for dinner last night with our friends. Everyone went wild over it and I felt like a champ! It’s always a good feeling when you’ve satisfied your guests. Continue reading

Roasted Brown Sugar-Bourbon Salmon with Baby Potatoes & Cherry Tomatoes

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We’re starting off this year with a healthy meal…lately I’ve been using my sheet pan to roast whole meals in the oven. Everything from fish to chicken and all kinds of veggies. Such a healthy and easy way to cook with minimal clean up…here’s a tasty meal using wild-caught salmon with the flavors of brown sugar & bourbon… Continue reading

Me Casa Su Casa Red Snapper

Me Casa Su Casa Red Snapper
Because we are creatures of discovery and experiment, I decided to include you in my latest adventure. Always buying my fish already cleaned and ready for cooking by my wonderful fish monger, I thought when I bought this beautiful red snapper that after asking for the scales to be removed I could simply stuff it and presto… It was not so! Lol… Continue reading

Ahi Tuna Lettuce Wraps With Sesame, Ginger Mayonnaise And Crispy Onions

Ahi Tuna Lettuce Wraps With Sesame, Ginger Mayonnaise And Crispy Onions 3
This time of year is the best for lettuce from the garden. Our new favorite to grow is Boston Bib or Big Boston from our heirloom seed collection. We buy almost all of our seeds from Bakers Creek because we know they are committed to saving heirloom seeds from all over the world….I highly recommend checking them out at Today’s lunch of lightly seared tuna with an awesome Asian inspired mayonnaise was delicious! And the little crunch from the crispy onions (also from the garden) was perfect!
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Salmon Burgers

Salmon Burgers

We’ve been going to a lot of Holiday Parties lately…So much rich food…Tonight we have a night off from the party-circuit and we’re taking it easy. We needed something healthy that has flavor – because you know, sometimes healthy is boring! But not these Salmon Burgers…they are healthy – an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, vitamin D and selenium along with niacin, protein, phosphorus, and vitamin B6, not to mention choline, pantothenic acid, biotin, and potassium. Wow! Who knew one thing could have so much good in it…No wonder it’s a favorite among so many people. Okay, so these Salmon Burgers hit the healthy spot, but do they have flavor? Yes! These Salmon Burgers have a wonderful Latin flavor…Hope you give them a try… Continue reading

Parmesan-Cracker Crusted Tilapia

Parmesan-Cracker Crusted Tilapia
My mom makes a really great fish using saltine crackers as breading…I’m not sure where she got the original recipe from but she’s been making it for years and it’s really tasty! I’ve added Ritz crackers in there along with some fresh garlic, parsley & thyme to kick the flavor up even more. Heidi adapted Mom’s recipe too and shared her version, Baked Tilapia recently. Both of these recipes are a good way to introduce your kids to fish if you haven’t already done so…I generally serve this fish dish with Heidi’s Coleslaw. Fish and coleslaw always go so well together. This is a quick and tasty meal…

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Ahi Tuna Carpaccio

This past Saturday I was off to visit my favorite Boutique Hotel with my hubby! I shared this recipe with you all so you could join in on the fun! I love Tuna Carpaccio…And there is a restaurant in Philadelphia that my husband and I frequent when we are there. My husband is not a big fan of the city, but I am. So several times a year the love of my life takes me for my ‘City Fix’! I love the Carpaccio for breakfast at Parc Restaurant Bistro on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. My idea of heaven in breakfast is a mimosa and raw tuna. Go figure, but it is what it is. After a few times eating it at Parc, I finally deduced how to reproduce a version of my own at home… Continue reading

Baked Tilapia With a Sourdough Parmesan Crust

Baked Tilapia With a Sour Dough Parmesan Crust
Tilapia is a very mild, moist and flaky fish. I love to bake it in the oven for an easy, fast and tasty meal. I’ve adapted a recipe my mother always made that my kids couldn’t get enough of. I know Linda has also used and adapted this dish for her family too. Make this fish for your family and all you’ll hear is… May I have another?     Continue reading

Skillet Seared Asian Marinated Salmon With Soba Noodles

Skillet Seared Asian Marinated Salmon

My Hubby and I love a good piece of salmon and he takes choosing the perfect piece very seriously (it’s quite cute actually). So when we were at the market and I saw him eyeing up the perfect piece, I knew salmon was on the menu. While he usually makes the salmon for us, I wanted to give it an Asian influence so he graciously handed me the reins. This simple dish was served with Soba noodles for even more flavor. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this salmon dish sometime soon. Here is a link to my hubby’s excellent salmon too … My Hubby’s Salmon Continue reading