Asparagus And Potato Strata

Asparagus And Potato Strata
A strata is a great dish to serve when you are having a brunch and need an easy make-ahead meal for a group.  I made this strata for a group of friends to close out the summer. Served at room temperature with a salad, I was able to enjoy my friends without worrying about the kitchen. It turned out to be a slightly overcast day, but we had a lot of fun anyway.  Continue reading

Bacon & Eggs on Honey-Ricotta Toast

Bacon & Eggs on Honey-Ricotta Toast

Everyone in my family loves bacon & egg sandwiches for breakfast. We might not have them everyday but we certainly have them often. For today’s sandwich I made it just a wee bit different. Toasting up a hearty slice of Italian round loaf bread and slathering it with a little bit of creamy ricotta, drizzling on some fresh sweet honey and topping it all with crisp thick bacon and a fried egg. I loved it! I’ll be making these again and again… Continue reading

Country Breakfast

Country Breakfast

I recently shared one of my grandmother’s stand-by recipes: German Potato Salad. Here’s another one of her favorites! Mom Mom (Catherine) was a ‘meat & potatoes’ cook…she loved serving potatoes since a little goes a long way and there were many mouths to feed! I’ve taken her Country Breakfast recipe and adapted it for four servings. It’s hearty and filling and a great weekend breakfast! Continue reading

Roman Eggs: Soft Boiled with Pine Nut Sauce

Roman Eggs: Soft Boiled with Pine Nut Sauce

I love a good challenge! Recently I participated in a North Indian cuisine challenge and today I am submitting these Roman Eggs to The Roman Recipe Challenge hosted by Natascha’s Palace. There is a long, rich history about Eggs in Roman cuisine. I’d never really thought about how they cooked in days long gone but did you know that eggs were one of the most expensive food items? So when they were presented at table they were a delicacy! A recipe for Soft Boiled Eggs with Pine Nut Sauce dates back to the 4th or 5th Century in a Roman cuisine cookbook collection, Apicius, specifically named after Marcus Gavius Apicius, who’s known as the first Gourmet. My recipe has been adapted for modern times and boy is it a delicious breakfast…I can see why they were delicacies!
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