Cocktail Corner: White Russian With Eggnog, Kahlua & Nutmeg

White Russian With Eggnog, Kahlua & Nutmeg

Happy New Year from Linda and I!!! We are excited for 2016 as we have so many great ideas and surprises in store. I’m starting the celebration a little early with this delicious and decadent cocktail! I make my own Kahlua every year for gifts and it has become expected by many… It is also excellent with homemade eggnog… Continue reading

Creamy Corn Chowder

This time of year I could seriously eat corn every day although we do make sure to have it at least twice a week. As you can imagine I buy more corn than we can eat at a sitting so corn chowder is something I look forward to  making every year. You will also see my corn salad and salsa in the near future… Continue reading

Cocktail Corner: The Happy Heidi

the happy heidi 5
I love a good cocktail whether it is sweet and fruity or as tart as a classic martini. Today however I was in the mood for sweet. I foraged in my freezer and found  a  frozen strawberry concentrate. It’s nice when you can use things on hand to make a delicious drink! My honey called this one a ‘fruity girly drink‘! It was fruity and sparkling too. I called this drink ‘The Happy Heidi’! Since I recently visited Seneca Lake with my sisters I had several bottles from one of my favorite wineries, J. R. Dill. He makes an excellent sparkling white wine. Just the right amount of dry to sweet ratio. Excellent! I make the trip sometimes just to buy this sparkling delight… Continue reading

Cocktail Corner: Springtime Sangria

Springtime Sangria

Last weekend we had a few visitors! My brother Rob came in for the weekend and we had an unexpected visit from my husband’s college roommate Todd on Saturday. While we were overjoyed to see Rob and Todd I quickly realized that my husband Raf didn’t have any beer to offer them! Seeing some fruit leftover in the fruit bowl reminded me of our recent trip to Spain where we tasted the most delicious sangrias in every city/region we visited (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville & Toledo). Every restaurant that we visited in each city had their own version of sangria. Each was unique and tasty! After a quick perusal of our bar, I decided to surprise them with Springtime Sangrias! We were sitting around the kitchen island chatting and laughing while the Sangria was easily prepared. It was a delicious ruby red brandy-inspired sangria that everyone loved…hope you enjoy it too!   Continue reading