Peruvian-Style Bowl

These hearty & healthy bowls have become very popular…I love that you can combine just about anything and it ends up tasting great! For today’s meatless meal I made a big bowl filled with fresh baby spinach, red quinoa, roasted sweet potato, grilled corn, black beans, walnuts & feta cheese…topped it all off with a delicious dressing and everyone was happy! Continue reading

Loaded Sweet Potato Planks

This is one of those versatile plates that makes a great appetizer or a side…top it with a fried egg and make it breakfast…or it’s also great served as a Meatless Meal…the Sriracha Aioli adds just that nice bit of heat that can be pumped up or lowered depending on how you like it. Knife and fork not always required…. Continue reading

Charred Cuban Corn Salad

Charred Cuban Corn Salad

On today’s menu is another delicious summer salad – ¬†crisp corn on the cob charred to perfection and mixed with a flavor combination that can’t be beat – fresh diced zucchini, black beans and the sweet tang of mango! Drizzled with a spicy vinaigrette then topped with cilantro and Cotija cheese. Oh my goodness!! Continue reading