Sliders Two Ways: Cheese Steak & Cuban

Cheese Steak & Cuban
Linda and I were recently at a family gathering where we had around 80 people to feed. When that happens I source some of the food to catering and then go to very simple appetizers, dips and crackers. Also, I have a perfect and easy way to make sliders. I get the Hawaiian style rolls – but in the butter roll not the sweet rolls – and make sandwiches. Always a hit and not a lot of fuss for me! Continue reading

Meatloaf Sliders With Sundried Tomato Aïoli

Almost every Friday from January to April my Hubby offers lunch to his staff. This time of year they are so busy… and as often as I can I make it for them. Spoiling people is what I love to do and it is always an honor to share my love of food with them. Well, this time I made Meatloaf sliders on a little Ciabatta dinner roll with a really pungent sundried tomato aïoli. The aïoli added that strong flavor you would get from the ketchup concoction that usually gets baked on top of a meatloaf. They were a huge hit and were just perfect with my Creamy Cheesy Tomato Soup! Continue reading

Meatball Sliders

Meatball Sliders

Ok, ok… I know this might seem a bit parochial, but I think it’s a real time saver for the holidays. Meatball Sliders! My mother always fried her meatballs before she put them in the sauce, but I don’t. I put them into the sauce raw and let them flavor the sauce. Take note, I don’t use a fatty meat. I use a lean beef. Anyway, if you’re like me and have lots of visitors over the holidays…this is a quick and simple dish to have around. Who doesn’t like a meatball sub?! The perfect bite for you or your guests… Continue reading

Parmesan Turkey Sliders

Parmesan Turkey Sliders

Here we are again… Turkey leftovers! Every year I make the same mistake. I make more bird than the people I invite. Even after I’ve sent everyone home with an ample amount of leftovers, I still have leftovers! Well I know I’m not the only one because if you follow us you saw Linda’s awesome sandwich yesterday… here is how I used some of my turkey and the leftover dinner rolls too… Continue reading

Winter meets Spring!


I love that spring is here and the snow has quickly melted!! But my refrigerator still has remnants of cold day ingredients along with all my spring ideas. So today I brought them together for a bit of fresh and a touch of comfort.

I am lucky to have the ‘Love of My Life’ come home almost every day for lunch, so we can share my creations together. Today we started our lunch with a hearty yet healthy salad. Meatless but full of flavor!
Continue reading