Butterfly Shrimp in Barbecue Butter

Butterfly Shrimp in a Barbecue Butter 1

I remember eating barbecue shrimp at Ruth’s Chris for the first time many ears ago. Now I make my own version that has just the right amount of sweet, salt and heat. My husband said this shrimp was a 10 out of 10. We had broccoli, lettuce and sugar snap peas straight from the garden. I like to butterfly the shrimp for this dish, somehow it just feels like ‘more’. I make this barbecue sauce and use it for chicken, pork and fish.    Continue reading

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms in a Barbecue Wine Sauce

I love making appetizers for dinner instead of a whole meal sometimes. In this case rather than make several small appetizer plates, I made one large appetizer that became a meal. My fabulous husband said it was out of this world and I have to agree with him. You can make this for a crowd with smaller mushrooms, or for an entree with larger mushrooms.    Continue reading

Spinach & Oregano Pesto over Brown Butter Pasta

Spinach & Oregano Pesto over Brown Butter Pasta fabulousfaresisters.com

During this bountiful time of year I can’t help but use a plethora of herbs in almost everything. I have several varieties of oregano plants that are practically small bushes. So for today’s pesto I used my favorite…Hot and Spicy oregano. This variety has a surprising bite to it that will leave you tasting a little heat at the end. I paired today’s pesto with a brown butter pasta because the combination of the almonds in the pesto and the depth of flavor when you brown butter gives this dish a wonderful nuttiness. This is also a meatless dish, but if you are so inclined, add grilled chicken or shrimp. Whatever works for you!   Continue reading

Don’t Throw Away That Sauce!

pizza4I never throw away the leftover sauces from my dishes. Even if I only have a little, they are like little flavor bombs to be used in all sorts of ways. Today’s lunch consisted of Naan bread topped with sauces from last week. I reserve them in little containers and freeze them to be recreated another day. No waste! When you put love into your food, throwing away a great sauce is like throwing away something you treasure. Just for this reason, you will see me finding creative ways to serve up that little morsel of goodness.

Continue reading

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, our family did not eat a lot of fish. The only time I remember seeing fish on our dinner table was during Lent when mom served it with her usual two accompanying side dishes; stewed tomatoes and spinach leaves with a bitter vinegar dressing. Don’t get me wrong, mom is a good cook…she’s made some really delicious meals, but back then fish was not one of them. When I went off to college and met my husband, who is from Panama (which actually means abundance of fish), he was surprised that I didn’t like fish and even though he encouraged me to try it, I still just found it so unappealing that I wouldn’t. I can be pretty stubborn sometimes.  Continue reading