Tacos al Pastor

Today is Taco Tuesday! These tasty Tacos al Pastor are so simple to make. I shared a recipe for Tacos al Pastor made in a slow-cooker a few years ago and decided to make one for the stove top… although the original al Pastor is pork that is made on a spit-grill, I don’t have one of those, so I cut a pork tenderloin into chunks then braise them in a pineapple-lime broth until they fall apart. Once shredded they fit perfectly into soft corn tortillas. With the addition of sliced red onion, fresh cilantro and shredded cotija cheese these Tacos al Pastor are ready-to-eat!

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Asian Infused Pork Tenderloin

Asian Infused Pork Tenderloin.jpg

I love pork tenderloin. It’s easy to cook, lean for your waist and tender when cooked the perfect medium. With time to marinade it can take on tons of flavor. Today we had Asian infused pork tenderloin with white rice and a simple salad. January is the month after all to begin to shed those unwanted Christmas pounds and this pork is sure to satisfy… Continue reading

Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with a Sweet Onions, Gruyere Cheese & Garlic Stuffing

At the church I attend, we have a Senior appreciation dinner every year. I am honored to have been a part of it for 6 years, (time to pass the baton). My staff consisted of my three children, mom and dad (who are seniors), my niece & nephew, five high school students and me. What I love best about kids is they have no point of reference in the kitchen and simply follow directions. We fed an average of about 150 people. Every year it was a challenge, but honoring our seniors with a gourmet dish was my goal. This is a spin of one of the meals I made for them. Instead of the whole pork loin (or 14), I am using a pork tenderloin. This recipe requires some simple steps, but please don’t be intimidated. Continue reading