Mini Ravioli Lasagna

Mini Ravioli Lasagna 4
Talk about quick, easy and tasty! This Lasagna has it all!!! I was cleaning out the refrigerator and the freezer when I realized I had over bought ricotta and had a huge bag of mini ravioli in the freezer. Presto, an idea was born and boy was it easy. Layer the ravioli instead of the traditional noodles, why not? … (and you can change it up by using different flavor-filled ravioli!) Continue reading

Bacon & Tomato Fusilli

Bacon & Tomato Fusilli

Sometimes you want a pasta but not the old standby spaghetti & meatball kind… I love to experiment with all those different types of pasta found in the pasta aisle – combining sauces that will fit each little noodle to a Tee! This pasta is a wonderful sauce of bacon & pancetta with diced tomatoes served over Fusilli. Warm, comforting and absolutely delicious… Continue reading

Italian Turkey-Capocollo Meatballs & Cellentani Pasta

Italian Turkey-Capocollo Meatballs & Cellentani Pasta

Tonight we’re cooking Italian in our house! These meatballs are slightly different than your average meatball…they’re chock full of ground turkey and Capocollo, a traditional Italian pork cold cut, along with fresh grated Parmesan…super yummy…oh so tender! Combined with a twist of a noodle – the Cellentani – and some sauce – Italian comfort food all the way… Continue reading

Lasagna Mac & Cheese

Lasagna Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a real treat and can be made so many different ways. It’s also a great way to use up leftovers. When I made the wonton ravioli I was left with too much ricotta cheese so I decided to turn it into mac & cheese. Placing them in individual sized dishes is a great way to portion control. I added a little love for my honey with a Parmesan cracker heart. Easy and quick to make.  Continue reading

Honey, Lemon, Feta & Walnut Pasta

Honey, Lemon, Feta & Walnut Pasta

Today is Ash Wednesday – the beginning of the 40 days of Lent for all Christians (not counting Sundays). During these 40 days of repentance we reflect on our lives, the things we have done and our transgressions; praying for forgiveness and observing specific days of fasting and abstinence from meat. Traditionally during Ash Wednesday we fast and abstain from meat, eating just one full meal. We observe Lent to mirror Christ’s 40 days in the desert where He endured temptation.

In light of today’s abstinence and fasting I have prepared a meat-free dish that is healthy, tasty and very filling. Continue reading

Homemade Gnocchi In A Classic Marinara Sauce

Homemade Gnocchi In A Classic Marinara Sauce

Okay, I think it’s fair to say that since Thanksgiving I’ve been on a sort of Italian kick. So today I made my homemade Gnocchi. I used to make this with my daughter as my helper because it is a process to make and her favorite dish. Alas, she is grown, moved away and enthralled in planning a wedding… so today I made it alone. No worries…with a few altered steps (the freezer) it was a cake walk… a messy cake walk, but still cake…well gnocchi, but you get what I’m saying… Continue reading