Oven-Dried Tomato & Charred Corn Risotto

I recently had an Oven-Dried Tomato & Jersey Corn Risotto at a local restaurant…it was super yummy! None of the ingredients were listed, so when I got home I made some notes about the flavors that I remembered tasting…for today’s post I recreated that lovely risotto at home…is it too vain of me to say mine was better? It was – sorry Mr. Local Restaurant! Continue reading

Parmesan Chicken Cutlet With A White Wine & Mushrooms Sauce

I think I’m kind of into chicken cutlets right now. There are times in the year when my hubby has to work really late and I always wait to eat with him. I’ve found I can prepare the cutlets in advance. They cook up super fast and are light for late evening dining. It’s so important to me that he has a home cooked meal made with love when he comes home. I serve it with a simple salad and that’s all we need. Thank you Baby for all you do. I love you!   Continue reading