Tuscan White Beans, Italian Kale & Turkey Sausage

Tuscan White Beans, Italian Kale & Turkey Sausage 1
I came across this Italian kale while my Hubby and I were shopping at the farmers market and I fell in love. It’s much softer and flat and its stalks aren’t as big and hard as the American variety. If you can’t find it just use regular kale and put it in with the beans after about 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes. These beans are creamy, like mashed potatoes, and the cheese just puts them over the top.  Continue reading

Hearty Vegetable Pasta Salad

Hearty Vegetable Pasta Salad
This week Linda and I will be sharing two great salads to help you get healthy for summer! I love a good pasta salad – especially when entertaining – because it’s simple, inexpensive and goes a long way. The great thing about this salad is there is only a little pasta and a lot of rough greens but when you add them to the hot pasta, they soften a little and soak up the vinaigrette.  You can add chicken and make it the main coarse. Any way you serve it – it’s a healthy addition to the menu! Continue reading

Vegetable Turkey And 15 Bean Soup

Vegetable Turkey And 15 Bean Soup 2
Now that Thanksgiving is over, the turkey is almost gone and I’m 5 pounds in regret… It’s time to spend at least a week before the Christmas cookies start to be everywhere that I need to give my body a rest. This soup is just that kind of soup. Full of flavor, veggies and beans, your body will say… thank you! I hope you give this soup a try and if you love beans you will love this soup. I serve it with some fresh rosemary bread and a lot of LOVE… Continue reading