Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado…I’m sure a lot of people don’t even know what that is…so let me tell you…It’s pure deliciousness on a plate! A combination of Peruvian & Chinese. I usually order this yummy meal when we visit our local Ecuadorian restaurant El Sitio in Collingswood, NJ. But this time I wanted to try my hand at making it at home…end result – Fabulous! Continue reading

Chicken Caponata

Chicken Caponata
Our Tri Club recently had a Ride┬áthe Farm event that I was lucky enough to enjoy with my husband and some friends. During the 22 mile bike ride we visited a few farmer’s markets and were able to purchase some beautiful produce…isn’t summer grand? All those fresh fruits & veggies! Heidi is so lucky to have a garden full of all those goodies in her own backyard…and I’m lucky to live so close to these great markets: Sorbello Girls, Visalli’s & Haynicz’s. In today’s post I used some of that lovely produce (fresh yellow peppers, onions and eggplants) to make Caponata and served it along with grilled chicken for a tasty weeknight meal… Continue reading

April Fools!

donut turkey

Okay, So it’s April 1st and we all know what that means. I’m not big on pranks, so I decided to make a spin on dessert. I saw this concept years ago in some magazine to surprise your kids. Well today I decided to make it. I based my recipe on my turkey meatloaf, but without the regular green herbs. That would be a dead give away. So the seasoning for this dish is all about the disguise. My children will find this most amusing, because I don’t eat donuts. I call them DO NOT’s, do not eat the donuts. Continue reading