Fried Green Tomatoes With Pink Peppercorn Pickled Onions

Fried Green Tomatoes With Pink Peppercorn Pickled Onions
Summer is over…all that’s left in the garden are the Brussels Sprouts which we don’t pick until after the first frost. I have tons of red onions in cold storage and a few straggling green tomatoes. So to grasp what I can at the threads of summer I made fried green tomatoes with Pink Peppercorn Pickled Onions!!! Just a note, the pickled onions can’t be made on the same day. Make at least two to three days in advance…  Continue reading

Ham & Swiss Wrapped Broccoli With Onion Bechamel

Ham & Swiss Wrapped Broccoli With Onion Bechamel 7
This is a dish my mother made for us growing up. Probably created from one of those 70’s throwback cookbooks. I often cringe at some of the ingredients they recommended. Obviously ‘processed’ was the star in every dish. It was surely economical for a family of six however, and mother was always health conscious. I will admit that when I was 7 and this plate was put in front of me… I know I made an awful face!… Alas, we grow up and learn to love the very dishes we shunned as kids. I made this dish today for lunch and my Hubby said it was absolutely delicious! Continue reading

Butternut Squash Bisque

Butternut Squash Bisque

Along with the autumn weather comes an abundance of fresh fall vegetables. With these delightful treats you can make warm soups and chili to fill your tummies! Bisques are creamy soups made from roasted vegetables or fruits which are then pureed. Sometimes there’s nothing that will warm you up like a big bowl of soup. This Butternut Squash Bisque is smooth and lush… Continue reading

Green Beans with Pistachio Gremolata

If you’ve never tried Gremolata before you really should.  Gremolata is a garnish that combines chopped parsley, garlic, and lemon zest. Many times pine nuts are added to pump up the flavor but I decided to use pistachios instead. Sprinkled on top of fresh green beans it’s really, really good. This is a great side dish to serve with meat or fish. I served this alongside my recent Salmon & Cherry Tomato dish. Let me know if you like it too… Continue reading

Crispy Fried Zucchini with Tzatziki Sauce

Crispy Fried Zucchini with Tzatziki Sauce
One of my favorite summer vegetables is zucchini. Don’t be surprised if you see several zucchini dishes from me over the next few weeks. I have 5 zucchini plants producing right now and boy are they producing. This is one of my favorite dishes with zucchini. I served it as an appetizer on this occasion because it is so good. The tzatziki sauce with the fried zucchini creates an excellent flavor profile and is great for a meatless meal too… Continue reading

Baked Zucchini Boats

Baked Zucchini Boats
This is zucchini time. Our garden is thriving with big beautiful zucchini. It never ceases to amaze me how a zucchini goes from little to big so fast. In a single day the vegetable can grow 5 to 6 inches! Well lets just say I have many sizes of this bountiful vegetable..So today I made one of my favorite zucchini dishes. My Baked Zucchini Boats. This is a carbohydrate free dish that will leave you wanting more. Continue reading