Roasted Thyme Potatoes

Did you know that the potato originated in southern Peru sometime between 8000-5000 BC? Wow…pretty cool. Anyway, I’m glad that they’re still around and are just as delicious now as they were back then. Mashed, boiled, roasted – Any way you make ’em. Today I’ve used baby potatoes so they cook up quicker and have a wonderful creamy flavor. The thyme adds a perfect little note to that creamy flavor… Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Feta, Thyme & Pine Nuts

My son brought home an enormous sweet potato and it just sat there, waiting for me to make something with it…I kept looking at it in the basket, taking up so much space, but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it…in the meantime, I’m always getting emails from Williams-Sonoma – I really like that store and enjoy browsing through their website – and so one day I clicked on their recipe finder and typed in sweet potato…up popped this recipe that looked pretty good to me…I had all the ingredients at home and decided to make it for a side dish to my Lemon-Garlic Chicken Thighs. It turned out pretty tasty. So, if you’re in the mood for something different, this one’s for you… Continue reading

Poulet Poêlon

Poulet Poêlon
Poulet Poêlon means Chicken Casserole in French. This recipe is a simple ragoût prepared with chicken thighs & potatoes simmered in a rosemary-thyme & wine flavored broth and topped with crispy bacon. It’s a hearty meal – great for any weekday! And it’s one pot ease… Continue reading

Filet Mignon Tips With Mushrooms, Onions & Thyme

Filet Mignon Tips With Mushrooms, Onions & Thyme 0

What I love about filet mignon beef tips and mushrooms is that the meat is as tender as the mushrooms . When I was a vegetarian, I would substitute mushrooms for meat, so this dish is the best of both worlds. When I want filet I buy the whole tenderloin, then I trim it up and cut all my steaks. Using the whole loin leaves me with pieces that are perfect for tips. It is a very simple dish and here is how I make mine… Continue reading

Chicken Romesco

It may not look it but this is one of those chicken that when you take a bite, you close your eyes and say “Wow”.  Seriously good. Usually Romesco sauce is served over fish but I usually serve it with chicken thighs. This recipe has a few steps but the end results are so worth it! Enjoy!   Continue reading

Prosciutto & Boursin Cheese-Stuffed Chicken and Roasted Root Vegetables


Hello Wednesday! I really don’t feel like going to the supermarket…so, what can I pull out of the fridge to make a quick meal? Well, I’ve got some leftover Prosciutto from the other day’s Asparagus wrapped with Prosciutto and some frozen boneless chicken breasts and some root vegetables that need to be used up… What could I use that for? about stuffing the chicken? And adding some Boursin that wasn’t opened on Sunday…and roasting those veggies until they’re tender and caramelized? Sounds good to me!!   Continue reading