Sweet Potato & Sausage-Egg Hash

Sweet Potato & Sausage-Egg Hash

This is one of those dishes that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. On those┬ádays when you just want something warm and tasty – nothing too fancy or too much work, this Sweet Potato & Sausage-Egg Hash fits the bill! It’s so filling that if you have it for breakfast you won’t be hungry until supper…so comforting and delicious… Continue reading

Moroccan Chicken

I’ve always longed to visit Morocco…the spices alone would draw me to this fascinating country. One day I hope to visit but until I do I will have to settle for making their delicious cuisine at home. In this Moroccan Chicken recipe I combined all the wonderful herbs and spices known for that region with chicken thighs, sweet potatoes and dried mango. They love mixing sweet with savory and by combining these flavors you get something really unique and oh so good! I hope you’ll try this one at home in lieu of going abroad…
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