Ham & Cannellini Bean Soup

Talk about comfort food… I am in love with this soup! Hearty and light, simple and delicious! I used spinach to finish it off this time because that’s what I had, but you can use escarole for a little crunch. You can also add chicken and tomatoes if you don’t want to use ham. I seriously recommend giving this soup a try… Oh, by the way it’s always better the next day.

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Vietnamese Style Pho

I have to admit that three years ago I had NO idea what Pho was. Not until I took my son to Philadelphia for his 20th birthday did I find out. My son, (now 23) loves all things Asian and insisted we find Pho while we were in the city. I’m game to try practically anything, so we researched to find the best in the city! That was all it took to turn me onto probably the best broth I’ve ever had. Well, here at home if you want Pho, you’re going to have to make it….and so I did! Continue reading

Roasted Gazpacho

Roasted Gazpacho 1

I love using the veggies in my garden every summer. This soup is so good and if you don’t have a garden, you can pick up all these great veggies at your local farmers market. I roasted most of the veggies – it’s so good, so healthy… I could eat this every day.  Continue reading

Creamy Corn Chowder

This time of year I could seriously eat corn every day although we do make sure to have it at least twice a week. As you can imagine I buy more corn than we can eat at a sitting so corn chowder is something I look forward to  making every year. You will also see my corn salad and salsa in the near future… Continue reading

White Gazpacho

Cold soups are definitely a summertime thing. As a cucumber lover, I started making this soup many years ago. It’s a great soup when you have the girls over poolside, or on the deck. Today I had this awesome soup while sitting outside on our back porch with the love of my life. It’s a cloudy day but still beautiful. The view from our home is priceless!!!   Continue reading

Winter meets Spring!


I love that spring is here and the snow has quickly melted!! But my refrigerator still has remnants of cold day ingredients along with all my spring ideas. So today I brought them together for a bit of fresh and a touch of comfort.

I am lucky to have the ‘Love of My Life’ come home almost every day for lunch, so we can share my creations together. Today we started our lunch with a hearty yet healthy salad. Meatless but full of flavor!
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