Grouper Cheek Bites

First of all I’d like to reach out to all our followers and fellow bloggers to wish them good health and safety. We hope you and your families are all healthy and remain safe. Like all of you I am following the responsible practice of social distancing. My husband and I have found ourselves hunkered down the last few months in our winter home in southwest Florida. We are all going through this together…sheltering in place and trying to make the best of life during these uncertain times. It’s definitely a challenge to be 24/7 with someone – even though you love them with all your heart. You have to find ways to entertain yourselves and interact with each other in positive ways. As you might have noticed over the last few weeks we have been sharing simple, delicious yet fun recipes. For today’s blog post, Grouper Cheek Bites, I’m sharing with you a peek into the kitchen I have been sharing with my 24/7 husband. We venture to our local specialty market, Oakes in Naples, once every two weeks to manage our exposure to the outside world…then take those ingredients and cook together – trying to create recipes based on the simple ingredients that we’ve purchased. By cooking together we are not only bonding during these strange times, but we are having fun. I am not a therapist….but, I would recommend that cooking together can be therapeutic….here is just one of the many dishes we created together. Hope you all find a way to keep yourselves healthy, safe and happy. Much love from Heidi and I…. Continue reading

Eggplant Parmesan

Today I’m sharing a Meatless Meal…this is one of my favorites…I get it all the time when I see it on restaurant menus but in all honesty they’re so covered with sauce that it’s sometimes hard to taste the eggplant. When I make it at home I cook it with as little oil as possible and top it with just a smidge of sauce and cheese so the eggplant can shine… Continue reading