Charlotte’s Taco Salad

My good friend Charlotte has been making this Taco Salad for over 25 years! All our friends love it so much that it is a frequent request at our get-togethers….the original recipe came from who knows where…she got it from her boss and has been making it ever since….Thanks Charlotte for sharing it with me – my boys now love it too! Continue reading

Cowgirl Tacos

Cowgirl Tacos

It’s Taco Tuesday! My favorite day of the month when I experiment with new and different flavors for tacos…This is another taco that I found on a menu from Fuego Tortilla Grill. I’ve never actually been there but I sometimes will spend time just perusing restaurant menus to get ideas and this one grabbed my attention. It’s called Cowboy Tacos and it listed Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce as one of it’s ingredients…that sounds tempting…doesn’t it!? But why let all the Cowboys have the fun? Here’s my spin on this taco which I’m gladly renaming Cowgirl Tacos! Continue reading

Italian Turkey-Capocollo Meatballs & Cellentani Pasta

Italian Turkey-Capocollo Meatballs & Cellentani Pasta

Tonight we’re cooking Italian in our house! These meatballs are slightly different than your average meatball…they’re chock full of ground turkey and Capocollo, a traditional Italian pork cold cut, along with fresh grated Parmesan…super yummy…oh so tender! Combined with a twist of a noodle – the Cellentani – and some sauce – Italian comfort food all the way… Continue reading