Party Dips

Party Dips 1

Saturday night we had cocktails at our home with my parents and my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Fred. I love when they visit because we always have such a fun time. Well, before our dinner reservations at one of my favorite martini bars, I served cocktails and dips. I had just cooked a ham the day before, and the night before that we had my hubby’s excellent Dijon & Dill Salmon. So with my leftovers and some help from a few condiments I made some very tasty dips. Add some fresh toast points and the right presentation and you have a little party… Continue reading

Fresh Corn, Orzo & Roasted Red Peppers Salad With A Bacon Vinaigrette

Fresh Corn, Orzo & Roasted Red Peppers Salad With A Bacon Vinaigrette

We won’t have corn where I live for much longer and I just love summer corn. This salad is perfect for picnics and a great accompaniment to any summer meal. Because it does not have a mayonnaise base it can sit out for a little while and it is even better at room temperature. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this summer delight… Continue reading

Excellent Herb Boiled Potatoes

Excellent Herb Boiled Potatoes
As you get to know Linda and I you will notice that we love all things Jane Austin. Linda would agree that our all time favorite Jane Austen book (and subsequent movie!) would have to be ‘Pride and Prejudice’. There is a scene in the movie where ‘Mr Collins’ is visiting the estate he will inherit, causing all five of the ‘Bennet’ girls to be left without anything, (as only boys could inherit). During their first dinner encounter, he asked the mother ‘Mrs. Bennet’, “To which of your daughters do I have to thank for these excellent boiled potatoes?”. I love that line… In any case, I do love boiled potatoes. They are light, and with the right blend of herbs and of course butter, they are a delicious side for a great steak dinner… Continue reading

Dijon Mustard & Dill – Not Fried Chicken

I love a good crispy chicken, but I don’t like frying my chicken in a lot of oil. So this is a dish I created to have the crunch without too much oil. I also love the flavor tang of this dish. I made these chicken thighs for a ‘cabaret dinner’ in honor of my husband’s birthday. Pulled straight from the oven, wrapped in wax paper and placed in a paper bag for the journey to our picnicking cabaret style at the Millbrook Playhouse. This chicken is delicious, crispy and moist. My hubby and I had a wonderful night stage side with dinner and wine from home. Happy Birthday My Love!    Continue reading