Mediterranean-Style Bowl

I had a craving for a big bowl of salad – so I checked out my fridge to see what I could add to make it super yummy… I ended up roasting cauliflower with the ‘power’ spices and adding potatoes, zucchini and red onion along with a few shavings of Parmesan cheese… any dressing can top it off! Super delicious AND super healthy! And with the leftover veggies I’ll be sharing an awesome taco recipe next time…

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Indian-Spiced Rice

I’m a big fan of Indian cuisine…and I recently bought a few different types of all natural little packages of Indian food at the supermarket just to give them a try. To accompany the entree I created an Indian-spiced rice to compliment it and bulk it up for a quick lunch for my husband and I…the Indian Jaipur Vegetables entree was very good! And served on top of this tasty rice it was even better…. Continue reading

Beef Curry

Beef Curry
This is similar to the first dinner I ever cooked. Being the last kid at home, (all my siblings, Linda included, had all gone off to college or gotten married). My mom, for about 2 years, had taken a moratorium from cooking and we ate out almost every night! One day after school when I was 16 I was watching MTV and flipping through some magazine of my mother’s, when I came across a recipe that caught my attention. Curry In A Hurry! I read it, walked into my mothers office and said, “I need 20 bucks”. “Why?”, she said. “I’m making dinner”. She handed me the money and I made dinner. It turned out good. I use filet now and not top round and I’ve added a few upgrades – but it’s still really good! Continue reading