Filet Mignon Tips With Mushrooms, Onions & Thyme

Filet Mignon Tips With Mushrooms, Onions & Thyme 0

What I love about filet mignon beef tips and mushrooms is that the meat is as tender as the mushrooms . When I was a vegetarian, I would substitute mushrooms for meat, so this dish is the best of both worlds. When I want filet I buy the whole tenderloin, then I trim it up and cut all my steaks. Using the whole loin leaves me with pieces that are perfect for tips. It is a very simple dish and here is how I make mine… Continue reading

Baked Tilapia With a Sourdough Parmesan Crust

Baked Tilapia With a Sour Dough Parmesan Crust
Tilapia is a very mild, moist and flaky fish. I love to bake it in the oven for an easy, fast and tasty meal. I’ve adapted a recipe my mother always made that my kids couldn’t get enough of. I know Linda has also used and adapted this dish for her family too. Make this fish for your family and all you’ll hear is… May I have another?     Continue reading

Garlic-Buttered Melted Mozzarella Bread

The other night we had spaghetti (again!) What’s a better side to pasta than delicious Garlic-Buttered Melted Mozzarella Bread? Not much! A salad is always great but a warm out-of-the-oven piece of garlicky-cheesy bread that you can dip into the sauce is so much better! I got the idea for this recipe from my sister-in-law Maria who makes a fantastic Mozzarella Garlic Bread.Here’s a wonderful and quite simple way to make it! Continue reading

Butterfly Shrimp in Barbecue Butter

Butterfly Shrimp in a Barbecue Butter 1

I remember eating barbecue shrimp at Ruth’s Chris for the first time many ears ago. Now I make my own version that has just the right amount of sweet, salt and heat. My husband said this shrimp was a 10 out of 10. We had broccoli, lettuce and sugar snap peas straight from the garden. I like to butterfly the shrimp for this dish, somehow it just feels like ‘more’. I make this barbecue sauce and use it for chicken, pork and fish.    Continue reading

Spinach & Oregano Pesto over Brown Butter Pasta

Spinach & Oregano Pesto over Brown Butter Pasta

During this bountiful time of year I can’t help but use a plethora of herbs in almost everything. I have several varieties of oregano plants that are practically small bushes. So for today’s pesto I used my favorite…Hot and Spicy oregano. This variety has a surprising bite to it that will leave you tasting a little heat at the end. I paired today’s pesto with a brown butter pasta because the combination of the almonds in the pesto and the depth of flavor when you brown butter gives this dish a wonderful nuttiness. This is also a meatless dish, but if you are so inclined, add grilled chicken or shrimp. Whatever works for you!   Continue reading